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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Pelosi As Leader Is A Bad Idea

From the New York Times article here ,published Nov. 8,2006.

“I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said during a news conference."

A war without reason, which BushCo. clearly lied to get us into. Secret meetings with energy companies, no bid contracts to Haliburton and Blackwater. Torture and indefinite detention without hearing or access to lawyers for the accused. And yet Nancy Pelosi decides that George W. Bush shouldn't have been impeached? WTF is that?

We now know that those secret meetings with energy giants led to the Deep Water Horizon disaster, the BP explosion in Texas and probably the mining disaster in Virginia. And yet no investigation happened under the Dem leadership in the House. Darrel Issa might be an asshat(ok, not maybe about it, he's an actual asshat), but he at least is standing by his ideals.

Nancy Pelosi got a lot of bills passed no doubt. She's an effective parliamentarian but she was more pushing conservative ideas and frankly, easy votes. Healthcare Reform was nice and the House passed it with a public option but I'm not convinced she pushed it through as a leader so much as she figured she could get the votes she wanted for it and knew the Senate would kill it.

The biggest problem with Nancy Pelosi as leader is almost the same problem we have with Harry Reid. Fear. They're afraid of what the other guy might do. We've seen it again and again where the House members don't want to vote because the Senate might vote differently. In fact we heard so last night on Olbermann and Ezra Klein is saying "I don't understand why they're caving on the (tax cuts)" but then informs Keith that the House wants the Senate to vote first. Of course the Republicans will look at Harry Reid angrily and threaten not to send him a Christmas card or something and mention the word "filibuster" and Reid will cave per usual.

But Democratic Party members have, for months now, made the case that Pelosi is a strong leader. In fact, they either say or imply, a stronger leader than Reid. Yet watch this clip of Nancy Pelosi appearing on Countdown with Keith Olbermann in October. The reason she's not a good leader begins at the 10:20 mark and it's quite stunning.

"We could have taken the vote and we would have won. But knowing the distortion that the Republicans would have applied to that, I said 'They're gonna be political,we're not giving it' ".

It's funny because I always thought that you do what is right, you stand by your beliefs and you let the other guy do what he's gonna do. She was afraid of what the GOP would do at some point in the campaign and thus she punted on what she says she believes in. The GOP don't do that. And could someone remind me who will control the House in January?

Far too long the Democratic Party leaders have been more afraid of the Republican Party than their own constituents. Pelosi no doubt will be the Majority Leader come January but I have to tell you, if we really want to move the country back to the left, back to being progressive who, ya know, make progress....we're gonna need new Dem leadership or another party. While this post might just seem like useless whining, we must remind ourselves daily that fear is what is going to ruin this country and who acted or didn't act out of fear.

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