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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11 Questions For The Texas Governor Candidates

Originally published http://tinyurl.com/26j6d2y on 10/07/10

So I've been trying to get into the whole Texas Governor's race and I have to say it's as bland as the two main candidates. Seriously, both are more than middle aged, rich white guys. And in my research so far I have yet to find a truly compelling story. The narrative seems to be "I'm a rich white guy, vote for me because I'm not the other rich white guy."

So instead I am going to take this post and pose 11 Questions that I'd like to hear both candidates answer on camera. I think it's a perfectly good way to start deciding who we should vote for. BTW, a side note. I'm voting for Bill White. Why? Because I'm biased. I'm a radically left wing liberal and while I'd rather have a pot smoking hippie who'll protect our rights instead of selling them off, I'm stuck having to vote for a guy who hasn't advocated for Texas Secession.

So here are 10 Questions. Someone ask them and send me the footage. We'll blog about it. It'll be fun.

1. Do you believe a woman should be forced to have her rapist's baby?

2. Do you believe that science should be taught in science class and if so, why would you want creationism in a text book?

3. Is it important for the Texas State Board of Education to play down the civil rights movement in this country?

4. Do you think it's more important that we as a country build more bombs or help the poor?

5. Where do you think arts education should be in our education priority?

6. What will you be doing to eliminate the obvious corruption in a system where the governor gets to make so many decisions on his own about where money goes?

7. Are you in favor of term limits for both the State and Federal congress and the governorship?

8. In the current economic environment in Texas, would you support a pay cut for the legislature and Governor and Lt. Governor?

9. Is it fair that the state is both renovating the Governor's mansion and having to pay to rent a mansion for the Governor? After all, most people have to live in their homes while the home is repaired.

10. Why is education funding so low teachers are having to buy their students supplies that should be provided by the school districts when the lottery was supposed to fund education?

11. Have you personally seen a scientific study on how the death penalty has decreased crime in this state? If it is a deterrent, and Texas kills more prisoners than most countries do, shouldn't we have a much lower crime rate?

Ok, I'll admit the last one is really kind of two questions but you know me, I'm a damn dirty liberal!

So now dear reader it's your turn. What questions would you ask? What is your answer to the questions I've posed. Post in the comments below. I have a new email address your more than welcome to email me at:

mnorton1972@gmail.com (apologies I had to edit the email address as I totally got it wrong before. )

also feel free to follow and contact me on Twitter:

I can't wait to hear your answers.

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