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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The DADT Report

The DADT report is out, you can read it in full here.

John McCain and Elaine Donnelly have already shown the argument that's coming. That even though they claim to respect the military leadership and when the report said DADT should be repealed,that now they'll attack the report itself. We saw that coming.

John McCain now has 2 choices. He can either be a man of his word (remember the "Straight Talk Express?") or he can keep being nothing but an ever-increasingly irrelevant bigot. So John, which will it be? Which legacy do you want to leave? Which person do you want your grand children and great-grandchildren to hear about?

Elaine Donnelly is the head of this "Center for Military Readiness" and claims that letting gays serve is the same as letting women and men bunk together. I have news for her.

#1- She's never served. My great-uncle Bill served in 3 wars as a medic in the MASH units. World War II,Korea and Vietnam. He had no problem with gays being in the military. Who's argument should carry more weight?

#2- There are already gays in the military and those that have been drummed out, some of them have been decorated, and saved lives. Some are translators that we desperately need. Of course, Elaine Donnelly apparently hates the US and is fine with our military being handicapped in it's abilities.

#3- I had a good friend in the Air Force and the most surprising thing to him about serving wasn't the work. It was the amount of extra-marital affairs going on. Not gay ones either. These were men sleeping with their buddy's wife or with someone they meet overseas. So obviously just having heterosexuals in the military isn't working out all that great for marriages anyway, is it?

#4- Elaine Donnelly, with as much disrespect as I can muster towards someone I don't know, you are a bigot.

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