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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hold Your Nose: Ideals.

Originally published http://tinyurl.com/2e6ustc on 10/19/10
I don't believe asking people to vote against things is a good idea. I don't think it's good politics or policy. Asking someone to vote for you, or vote for your side is one thing and a good thing. A much better thing to do. Even asking someone to vote "No" on a piece of referendum is better asked "Vote for this position. Vote No." See?

So I am going to ask you to vote for someone and you're going to be mighty surprised who it is. I want you to vote for Barack Obama. Candidate Barack Obama. While you're scratching your head let me talk to you about a few things and we'll have it cleared up.

George Washington. Ben Franklin. Thomas Jefferson. John Adams. These are men we all...well, on a certain level we love them. We admire them. We tell children stories about them hoping they'll take them as examples to use in life. It's been well documented that Washington never chopped down a tree and told his father about it. But we still tell that story to every kid don't we. Ever ask why? For all we know, George Washington could've been a pedophile. It's highly doubtful but as much as the average person knows about George Washington the man, how would we know?

See, we don't really love George Washington. What we love is freedom and the idea that free men can choose their own destiny. We love that we can vote and have it counted and that if we are in the majority our values and beliefs get passed on. Democracy is the ultimate in self-determined evolution if you think about it. So as a sort of shorthand, over the last 200+ years we've stopped saying "The idea of democracy and freedom and having our votes counted" and instead have started calling it The Founding Fathers. That's the label that we have given to our ideal.

Now,while you're holing that thought in your head I have another question. Why do we use bookmarks? Any kid knows it's to hold our place, right? It's going to be much easier to use

Democrats as bookmarks than Republicans. The GOP is trying to make us into a conservative...well, actually they want us to be a third world country where the rich get richer, the poorer get poorer and your rights to watch,read, travel,speak are gone. Controlled by the elite who would rather a teenage girl give birth to her rapist father's baby no matter how cruel, than let an innocent man be found on death row.

They want to control your message. It's very simple and it's effective and it works...sometimes. Other times cameras are there. Like the video below where Rep. James Sensenbrenner(R-WI) was nice enough to close off mics and lights to avoid any kind of actual debate on torture or Gitmo. Nice huh? But the GOP will gerrymander the districts and rules to hold on to power. The Dems are afraid to. They'll be much easier to unseat than the GOP in 2012 and that is what we want. Trust me on this. If Harry Reid is still leader in 2012 it's going to be that much easier.

So while holding your nose remember Candidate Obama. Remember the feeling you had voting for him. Remember how excited you were. Think of Candidate Obama the same way you think of George Washington. Not a personality but an idea. An ideal. Or you could just vote against
the GOP but wouldn't you rather vote for something instead of against?

Mostly vote because there are some Dems who share your ideas. And the GOP doesn't. For
proof, watch the video below.

James Sensenbrenner covers for the Bush/Cheney Crime Family

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