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Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome, I'm Michael.

We have a ton of them already,why another politics blog? Well, mainly this is sort of about me. I'm a writer. I've always been a writer. I'm a guitarist as well. These two things have been in my bloodstream for as long as I can remember. I can't remember ever really being anything else.

I hadn't, however, ever thought of writing in a serious way on politics and non-fiction things until last month. James over at Blogdog asked me to come write for him there. I found that I really enjoy writing on this. I enjoy making myself heard but better yet, I enjoy hearing the feedback. I enjoy hearing how wrong I am from one person and how right I am by another. I really enjoyed hearing from one reader that they had never thought of a certain topic the way I had presented it. Man, if that's not cool...

So why yet another political blog? Because I feel like I have something to say and that maybe I might bring a different perspective to some people. I have a philosophy that it's "just your/my opinion". When I say that, I mean it more than just that your opinion or mine is just one in millions. But also that it IS your opinion and it IS my opinion and both are valid and should be expressed.

I also would like to start a movement of Liberalism in this country.A movement of smart, curious, regular folk who believe like I do. Maybe a third or fourth political party, maybe not. But something to take on the entrenched system and make it better for all. I believe the only way to start this is to educate oneself which is what I'm attempting to do. We need people to stand up for liberal beliefs. Someone for example to push the Democratic party back to the left maybe. Sort of an intelligent left-wing version of the Tea Parties. Except without all the hate.

If you'd like to read the first of my posts to kick start the movement that I posted very shortly after election day 2010, go here.

So a few things you might want to know about me. I'm 38. My name is Michael J. Norton but you can call me Michael or Mike or even Col (a name I sometimes use online, I'll tell you that story sometime). Mr. Norton is my Grandpa, so let's knock that off before it starts. I live in Houston,TX presently but will soon be moving as the people I'm living with have been patient and more than helpful but really one can only ask so much of a friend for so long.Most likely I will be moving to the Hurricane Magnet known as Florida.

I'm single, no kids. I have an older brother who's gay and proud. I'm straight and proud too. I'm a Liberal. Capital "L". In fact, I may be more liberal than anyone you're likely to know in real life away from the internet. I believe in Medicare for All, single-payer universal health insurance that is paid for by tax dollars. Heck I even came up with my own plan for it. Need to type that up.

I believe in marriage equality, ending DADT, ending so-called "reality" tv. I believe women and men are 100% the same in ability and intelligence.I believe knowledge and learning are the answer to the question of the purpose of our existence. Towards that end, you might check out this post of mine.

I'm a musicoholic. I can't seem to live without a guitar and a shelf full of books and graphic novels. I'm a complete comic/superhero geek. Anything else you're going to have to ask.

You can email me at mnorton1972@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter @Colierrannd


  1. Mike it's so refreshing to read someone who not only identifies as a Liberal, but embraces and is proud of it.

    I too am Liberal (I actually identify as Ultra-Liberal) and I embrace the label of "Progressive" (even if someone "spits" it at me). I believe these are qualities to be proud of and I AM.

    Like you, I also see my place in politics not to throw the baby out with the bath water, but rather to work within the system to push my party (Democrat) toward the left and be more representative of my ideals.

    Ultra-Liberal, pragmatic, optimistic and respectful. I'm with you.

  2. Thanks, both for the encouragement and for working for a better world. Together people can make a difference.