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Friday, November 19, 2010

Palmdale- "Say Isn't So"

So our last Palmdale vid of the week is a cover of a song on one of my favorite albums ever, The Outfield's "Play Deep". The song is called "Say It Isn't So". The Outfield may make it to being our musical guest at some point.

Before the video let me remind you again to go visit palmdale.com and hear more of their awesome rock!

Follow Kay on Twitter @KayHanley and Linus @linusdotson plus @wearepalmdale

Don't forget their EPs "Get Wasted" and "How To Be Mean" are both available now at iTunes and Amazon and where ever you might wanna find them.

Big thanks to Kay and Linus for not suing me for posting their vids. I really love these guys so please go support them.

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