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Monday, December 27, 2010

Obama vs. His Own: Biting The Hand

My last post I ended by saying "Next up: How not to get shot in the back" and I need to apologize for it. It's not quite what I was going for, I just wasn't being as articulate on it as I should've been. Really what this post needs to say is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

I came up with the "shot in the back" analogy because I could have sworn I once heard a story where Capt. Hernando Cortes, a Spanish Conquistador had told his men, once they reached their destination, to burn their boats so there would be no retreat or escape. That part is true but I also recall, and I admit I don't know where I heard it, that his men then killed him. This is, in my mind, would almost be the ultimate instruction on what Barack Obama has been doing to his base. But even if it were true (and apparently it was not), the idea isn't quite accurate.

True enough when he did not invite Democratic Party leaders or Congresspersons in on the negotiations for the tax "compromise" he essentially did burn their boats and say "Here, take it or leave it" and most of them took it like hungry beggars just happy for scraps, while others like Bernie Sanders and the bulk of Dems in the House stood their ground and voted their conscience. Obama seems to be operating under the assumption that whatever he wants he'll get from Democratic Party leaders regardless of what he proposes. Sadly, for the most part, he does. But he's getting bad advice and seems to be playing for the other team.

The DLC types, Harry Reid,Rahm Emmanuell, David Axlerod, etc. have mislead him in his relationship to his base and it's only hurting him at the least and at worst will hurt the country.

In January 2010 the Wall Street Journal reported that during a private meeting with liberal groups and White House aides, Rahm Emanuel called liberals "fucking retards".

In August 2010 California's anti-Gay Marriage Prop. 8 was overturned and Politico asked the White House for a statement.

"He supports civil unions, doesn’t personally support gay marriage though he supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, and has opposed divisive and discriminatory initiatives like Prop. 8 in other states,” said the official, who asked not to be named."

Just recently when he made his deal with the GOP (again, without consulting Dems) and got criticized for it, he said "It's the public option debate all over again". Which of course it isn't since he took all that off the table prematurely to get deals with Big Pharma and Hospitals so they wouldn't run ads against his healthcare reform bill, even though they turned around and supported Republicans in the November mid-term elections.

2008 was a huge majority win for Democrats. Let's remember that many were first time voters. They saw in Obama a chance for "change we can believe in". When it didn't come and the Obama White House was criticized, what did the Administration do? They didn't go after the Republicans hard at all. In fact a relatively very few rhetorical bombs were thrown the GOP's way. Instead Axlerod,Emmanuell, Gibbs and even the President himself chided the Dem voters for speaking out. This lead to the Republicans having cover for their obstruction and depressing the Dem base. All those new voters? They stayed at home in 2010 because they thought "Why should I vote for the party of people who call us f'n retards?"

It's a basic human thing. Call me names, tell me I'm just being whiny and don't address the substantial problems that are the cause of my complaint and why should I then support you?

Now Obama has made it clear he's breaking two of his campaign promises is spectacular fashion. Gitmo, according to Robert Gibss, will be open for the foreseeable future. And Obama has now taken the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and made them his own.

Tell me Mr. President, when you want us to vote for you or your party in 2012, how can we believe anything you'll say?

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  1. I notice how the Lieberman/Lincoln/Nelson type Democrats are calling me "frustrati" and acting like they no longer need progressives in their governing coalition. Some great legislation was passed in the month of December. It was Jon Stewart and Shepperd Smith that shamed the Senate into action on the 911 first responders relief bill and it was Harry Reid's relentless effort that was key to the passage of DADT . Start was a no-brainer for both parties. I will give Obama credit for getting tax cuts reinstated for the top 2%. Basically Obama is a non-leader and has wasted a once in a lifetime chance to give the country the change that we voted for. I for one will not forget this.