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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Bobby Darin Can Save Our Democracy (or Filibuster Reform Is Essential pt.2)

One of my favorite films of the past decade was Kevin Spacey's Beyond The Sea. A biopic of the criminally under-appreciated, at least nowadays, Bobby Darin. Darin was primarily known for pop/jazz tunes. He is most famous for "Mack The Knife" and "Beyond The Sea". But as he got a bit older and more introspective he wanted to do something different. He started thinking there was a way to use his music to make a real change in the world. So in the film he starts off writing these protest songs and these really deep and frankly fantastic songs. He grew his hair out a bit and became something of a hippy, you might say. But audiences rejected him. They wanted the guy in the suit who sang "Mack The Knife" and made them feel good. And Darin comes to the conclusion that "people hear what they see". That essentially people need to see something in front of them that is sort of familiar and comforting. And so he developed "Simple Song of Freedom" into a more Vegas-like number and it became a hit. Here he is singing it on tv, it's one of my favorite songs.

Sooo...remember this from yesterday(Wednesday's Rachel Maddow)?

See the main reason Republicans have been getting away with their obstruction is because no one sees them do it. Even hearing "Well, the Republicans filibustered such-and-such bill" doesn't make it tangible enough. I've been really hard on Sen. Harry Reid and his willingness to back down whenever the GOP looks at him funny and I still think I'm justified for most of it. But if what Sen. Jeff Merkley is saying is true and that even if they are actually filibustering and no one is able to see them do it, well then I owe Sen. Reid an apology on that.

So let's start here. Let's make all Senators have to take their stand and make a point. Wanna filibuster? Be willing to stand up and make it happen.

Start at http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ find your Senator and tell them to support eitherJeff Merkley(D-Oregon)'s proposal or Tom Udall(D-NM)'s or both. This is our chance to take action. The new Senate rules will be adopted in January, we'll need to start pushing the members to vote for this now, so come Jan. 5th, the first day of the new Congress, they will vote for our Democracy. Let this be our next step!

I need to know how to set up a widget or something on here so you can more easily contact your Congresspersons from here. Also how best to put a petition together. If anyone can help, it'd be appreciated it.

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